Resist 04: Moumita Ahmed

Episode 4 October 30, 2020 01:21:36
Resist 04: Moumita Ahmed
RESISTANCE Companion Podcast
Resist 04: Moumita Ahmed

Oct 30 2020 | 01:21:36


Show Notes

On January 18th, 2017 I met up with a young activist and organizer named Moumita Ahmed. Moumita is from Queens, but was in DC for the week to attend trainings on de-escalation and of course participate in the demonstrations against Trump. We met at a workspace her group, "Millenials for Revolution" were using for the week in the Change To Win offices. Where we discussed her experineces being a young Bernie delegate at the state and national conventions and also being a child of immigrants, navigating the new racist waters that the Trump era had ushered in.

Moumita's interview provides a look at the millenial experince in national politics and how the struggle for progressive policies and values is now inherently tied to the aspirations of a whole generation struggling to find a future in declining empire.

Resistance is a 4-part webseries from Stewis Media:

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